Women's Biker Real Leather Jackets - Marisa


The style, cut, and fit makes this jacket superb. With a soft leather feel, warmth, and strength, it's sure to never go out of style. This design highlights the craftsmanship of a true era, providing a charming presence to those who wear it. A beautiful fitting leather jacket that captures your individuality. Makes you never want to take it off, especially on a cold night out. Everyone will want to borrow it as it is so perfect to wear.

Made from 100% real sheep leather.

Hello, and welcome!

For us to custom hand make your new 100% real leather jacket to your specific size, simply:

  1. Choose the "custom" size option in the size selection of the jacket and proceed to the checkout to purchase your jacket.
  2. It is generally only US$50 extra as you will see. That will cover all the custom options below in the form. Once paid you will receive the order number. And we will wait for your custom form below to be submitted as soon as you have taken your measurements.
  3. Use the chart below to understand what to measure, and simply fill in the form accordingly.
  4. Please measure your body size, not another jacket.
  5. Please do not expand the measurement in any way with allowances. We will do that with the custom pattern.
  6. Submit the form to us.
  7. We will review all details and send confirmation email back.
  8. You will receive your 100% real leather custom made jacket within 3-4 weeks. 


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