Women's Biker Leather Jackets - Jennifer


An absolute beautifully finished leather jacket. This jacket is designed from a classic cut and will always be in vogue. Soft subtle leather stitched meticulously to ensure that the folds and padding are perfectly sustained. This jacket will look after you, and you'll be over the moon when you wear it. As all our top end leather, you will want to sleep in it as it's so cosy. Nothing beats that real leather feel.

Hello, and welcome! For us to custom hand make your new 100% genuine leather jacket to your specific size, simply:

  1. Choose the design from our range, and tell us which one it is on your email.
  2. Fill in the details in the chart below. Either copy and paste it to a word doc, or print it and fill it out making sure it's legible.
  3. Then use the "contact us" form from our site to send us the details. Or email the details written out clearly to sales@costa-shopping.com. Remember to tell us which product it is.
  4. We will review the details. The custom prices are listed on the product page size selector named "custom". It's the last size on the list after the 5XL. 
  5. Custom means exactly that, could be smaller, or larger than the listed sizes.
  6. Once you have received confirmation, you proceed to our checkout, select the product, and then select "custom" in the size selector.
  7. Once you have made your payment, we take it from there.
  8. You will receive your custom made jacket within 3-4 weeks. 


We also have a range of colours to choose from. Contact us and we will work with you for colour choice.

Choose from our many different styles in our standard range.

We also offer an option to make your jacket to any style you like. Send us the style or design, and we can make it yours! We only use real leather, to last forever.

Simply use our "contact us form" or send us an email directly to



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